We Are Not Superheroes, We Are Electricians.

Driven by passion, we are a global leader in electrical service provision. We deliver quality electrical repair and installation services. Through our licensed electrical contractor, innovative services, and powerful tools, we bring infinite possibilities to our customers. It doesn't matter the level of complexity of the damage, Harvey Emergency Electrician is readily available to provide a solution.

Our Servers

We are at your service for any kind of electrical repairs, appliance installation or power restoration. We install car chargers, install fans, install ground wire, install outdoor lighting, and do bathroom light fixture installation and general outlet installations. Few of the repair services we provide include circuit breaker repair, wiring repair, electrical panel repair, and light fixture repair. Our experienced 24 hour electricians are readily available to install or relocate light switches. Contact us for your electrical installations or repair at home or your office.

Year Established: 2011